Alabama contender Darius Miles blamed for a crime directly following the shooting
Alabama competitor Darius Miles and another man have been blamed for the capital crime after a damaging shooting near the grounds.

Trailblazer Jack Kennedy of Tuscaloosa Police said that the shooting happened with practically no delay Sunday morning near the school’s grounds. He said Jamea Harris, 23, of the Birmingham region was shot and killed.

Miles, 21, a forward from Washington DC, and Michael Lynn Davis, 20, of Charles region, Maryland, were blamed for a capital crime. The capital bad behavior ensure arose considering the way that the passing unusual shots conveyed into a vehicle, Kennedy said.
“At this point, clearly the fundamental reasoning was a minor quarrel that these individuals had with the mishap as they were out on The Strip,” Kennedy said in a news gathering Sunday night.

He said the driver of another vehicle, in which Harris was an explorer, pushed toward grounds police near Bryant-Denny Field at around 1.45 am saying that someone had shot into the vehicle, and he conveyed back. One of the suspects was treated for non-hazardous injuries at a close by office.

Miles was holding tight the fourth-organized Dull red Tide pack. Alabama had quick and dirty before Saturday’s down against LSU that he was out for the season with a lower leg injury. His profile has been shed from the athletic division site and the school said that he “has been taken out from grounds” and is at this point not in the social event.

“The School of Alabama’s most senseless need is the security and result of the grounds region,” the school statement said. “We are deplored by the event that happened near grounds the past night and loosen up our most immense opinions to the trouble’s friends and family.”

Neither the driver of the other vehicle nor Harris nor Davis had the stores of being all unified with the school, Kennedy said.

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